My most recent paintings are predominantly oil and acrylic on canvas with vibrant gradient backgrounds. The subject matter of my work is playful, banal, and sometimes ambiguous, frequently focusing on representations of food and other objects of consumption as a reflection on late stage of capitalism. My paintings manipulate the representation of objects to deconstruct the aesthetics of commercial ads and the politics of a world constituted by material desire.  
On a formal level, I am interested in creating a visually dynamic configuration of shapes and objects that signal a departure from traditionally static still-life material. These works offer a series of illusionistic passageways, or portals, to other visual dimensions. The fragmented still-life elements in my paintings exist inside a multiverse of delineated shapes, like layers, seeming to conceal more than reveal. Overall, there is a sense of multistability, an ambiguous perceptual experience that shifts between two or more spatial interpretations, providing new visual experiences.  
I design most of my paintings in Photoshop, frequently experimenting with gradients and software-generated paintbrushes before bringing my compositions to the realm of physical paint on canvas. All elements in the composition are carefully composed and shift between the representation of three-dimensional space and a sense of flatness imposed by the background. The perceptual field in the composition occasionally shifts between figure and ground organization, providing a space for the viewer to focus on the abstract shapes visible against the flat background or dive into the fragmented, illusionistic spaces perceived inside those shapes.